Cheap Motorbike Insurance: Policy Terms You Shouldn't Miss

Cheap motorbike insurance can be found, but it should not be chosen at the sacrifice of good coverage. It is important you understand the terms used in the motorbike insurance policy.

Motorbike Insurance Terms
  • CBT - Compulsory Basic Training, often required to obtain coverage.
  • Comprehensive Coverage - The most in-depth coverage available, often covering accidental damage even when you are at fault.
  • Comulsory Excess - The amount you must pay because it exceeds the amount for which you are insured.
  • Deductible - The portion of the repairs or damages you are required to pay, as specified in your policy.
  • Indemnity - The protection that allows you to recover on a claim and be restored to where you were before the loss.
  • Market Value - How much it costs on the open market to replace your bike, based on the make, model, condition and age of the bike you have insured.
  • Premium - The amount you are required to pay to keep the policy in effect.

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