Cheap Motorbike Insurance for the Budget-Minded

With motorcycle season upon us now is the time to learn how to obtain cheap motorbike insurance for those with a budget in mind.

Check Around for Cheap Motorbike Insurance

Different insurance companies have different motorcycle insurance rates so one of the things you need to do is get a few quotes to find the best savings based on your driving record and where you live. Cheap motorbike insurance is available; just make sure you are comparing exact policies to ensure you are really getting the best rates.

A Clean Driving Record

Multiple accidents or tickets will increase your rates. To enjoy cheap motorbike insurance drive carefully, don’t speed, and enjoy the safe driver’s discount.


One of the best ways to get cheap motorbike insurance is to take advantage of all the discounts you qualify for. Don’t assume the agent will offer them. There are discounts for age, or being a member of a motorcycle association, to name just a couple. Always ask what discounts they have.

Motorcycle Training Course

If you are a new rider taking an approved motorcycle training course can be the difference between cheap motorbike insurance and expensive motorbike insurance. There are several training options available so you can find the one that’s right for you.

Multi Vehicle Discounts

You can get cheap motorbike insurance just by insuring your motorcycle where you have your other vehicles insured.

Increased Deductibles

Insurance offers several different discounts. The higher your deductible the lower your insurance, however never chose a deductible that is higher than you can afford.

Anti Theft Devices

There are many after market and factory anti-theft devices that will earn you a discount and earn you a discount.

Older Bikes Drop Collision Insurance

One way to save and enjoy cheap motorbike insurance is to opt out of collision coverage. Collision covers your motorcycle repairs if there is an accident where you are in the wrong. It does not cover your bike off road. If your bike is an older bike it is often not worth the additional insurance costs to carry collision. Many motorcycle drivers with years of accident free experience are also willing to self insure for an at fault accident.

Older Bikes Drop Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance includes theft, glass, vandalism, and acts of God. A motorcycle is at higher risk of all of these, so if you want cheap motorbike insurance you can opt not to carry comprehensive insurance.

Drive a Smaller Bike

The type of bike you drive is reflected on your insurance. Smaller bikes cost less, and sport bikes usually have a surcharge associated with them. Of course the value of the bike is also reflected in the premiums. You can get cheap motorbike insurance by buying a smaller bike.

There you have it – several ways to enjoy cheap motorbike insurance when you’re on a budget.
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