Cheap International Health Insurance: Noteworthy Benefits You Need

Cheap International Health Insurance is cheap insurance geared towards American citizens (or citizens in general) that are traveling abroad. International health insurance is important because it simplifies the process of getting medical help in a foreign country. It also covers expenses that are unique to international travelers. While getting an insurance policy you can afford is important, it is also important that you don’t get short-changed on the quality of care. That is why any cheap international health insurance policy worth it’s salt should include the following.

Understand Your Medical Needs

Before you embark on the trip, take the time to research the healthcare options available at your destinations. What kind of hospitals does it have? What type of care do they provide? If you have a medical condition that poses a continued hazard to your health, make sure that the medical facilities at your destination are equipped to treat it. If you are taking any medicine along, check if your destination allows them – some medicines you may not think twice of using may be classified as illegal drugs according to local laws. If you can’t bring the medicine, research the local alternatives. Many countries require you to have certain immunizations that you may not need in United States. For example, you should get inoculated with tuberculosis vaccine before you travel to any ex-Soviet countries, since the risk of tuberculosis infections is higher over there than it is in United States.

Check Your Existing Insurance

Before looking for international health insurance, it is important to see if your existing insurance policy extends any of its benefits internationally. It probably won’t cover everything you need.

Basic Benefits

There are a number of benefits that are not unique to international health insurance but which should nonetheless be included in a good international health insurance policy. Such benefits can include dental, hospital room and board, emergency room and intensive care, local ambulance services coverage and accidental death and dismemberment insurance.

Benefits Unique to International Health Insurance

In addition to the benefits outlined above, there are several international health insurance benefits that are geared towards travelers. There is a fairly good chance that your existing health insurance won’t cover these.

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation – pays for transportation if you need to get to a hospital when you are facing a medical emergency, as well as for equipment and personal needed to keep you stable while in transit.
  • Emergency Repatriation – similar to above, it pays the costs of transporting you back to United States if you want to be treated at an American hospital. As far as benefits go, this is one of the more expensive ones.
  • Emergency Reunions – If you are hospitalized due to sickness or injury and you want to have a relative by your side, this benefit will pay the costs of bringing him or her over to the country you’re vacationing at.  Different insurance policies use different definition of “relatives” – it can be anything from your immediate relatives to any member of your extended family. It should be noted that this will for travel to the country – everything else has to be taken care of some other way.
  • Terrorism insurance – pays for care of injuries that resulted from an act of terrorism. Keep in mind that this benefit only applies in countries that aren’t subject to US government travel advisories. If you are entering into a country that the US government considers dangerous due to heightened level of terrorism, you are entering at your own risk.
  • Return of mortal remains – if you should die while on vacation for any reason at all, this benefit will pay the costs of transporting your remains back to United States. Otherwise, you will be buried in the country you died in.

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