Cheap Annual Holiday Insurance for the Repeat Traveler

Annual holiday insurance is travel insurance for those who travel abroad more than once a year. While it can cost more than ordinary travel insurance, but it’s a better value than paying for a different insurance policy for every trip. Finding cheap annual holiday insurance can be complicated, especially since some of the cheaper offers may not have much value. But if you understand your needs and your options, you should be able to find affordable insurance that is right for you.

Understanding Annual Holiday Insurance  

The key difference between annual holiday insurance and ordinary travel insurance is that while the later is purchased for a single trip abroad, the former covers all the trips you take for a year. However, the insurance year does not correspond to a calendar year. Rather, the policy kicks in on a start date of your choice – usually sometime before or on the day of the beginning of the first trip.  Some annual holiday insurance policies will cover you for as long as each trip lasts, but others will only cover each trip for a certain number of days. The number can range from 21 to 45.

What Travel Insurance Covers

Annual Holiday Insurance and ordinary travel insurance cover similar expensive – the only differences are the price and the duration of coverage. The cheaper the insurance, the less likely it is to cover everything on the list below.

  • Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption – This allows you to recoup any expenses incurred because the trip had to be cancelled before it started or interrupted before it ended. If you want those expenses covered, you need to provide a good reason. This can include health issues (be they yours or your family members), being placed under quarantine while on the trip, transportation accidents, legal obligations such as jury duty and natural disasters. Different insurance companies accept different reasons, so check the policy’s wording carefully before using this benefit.
  • Emergency Medical Expenses – Covers medical treatments for injury or sickness. This usually covers the more urgent health issues. If your health problems are mild enough to allow you to postpone treatment until you return to United States, there is a fairly good chance that you won’t be covered.
  • Emergency Medical Transportation – Covers the costs of transportation to a medical facility.
  • Baggage Claims – Reimburses you for baggage that is lost, damaged or stolen. The cheaper the insurance rates, the less damage the insurance company will cover.

Understanding Your Needs       

Before settling on an annual holiday insurance policy, you need to figure out what kind of coverage you need. When you are trying to get cheap insurance, less is more. Don’t get insurance for benefits you don’t need or that you can live without.

Medical coverage is the most important aspect of annual holiday insurance. If you have any medical condition, make sure the insurance covers the cost of treatment. Research your destination to see if it has any health hazards you should worry about. With ordinary travel insurance, you can tailor the coverage to specific destinations, but you may not have the same flexibility with annual holiday insurance. If you think you will be traveling to more than one country throughout the year, keep the parameters general and you should be okay.

Shop Around

To find the best cheap annual holiday insurance, look at as many insurance policies as possible. Sort out which ones have the benefits that best meet your needs and compare prices. You can use the Internet to simplify the search process. Insurance providers that offer travel insurance often offer annual holiday insurance as well, so if you already have experience looking up travel insurance, you might want to check your old leads.

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