Car Insurance - Married Couples

If you are getting married, car insurance is something you need to consider. Often times couples do not take time to think about how their marriage will impact their car insurance premiums, and after they have said their vows find themselves in shock when they see the changes. While most would expect married car insurance rates to be higher, they generally are lower (unless there is a violation or accident on record that made the premium abnormally high in the first place.)

Why? Insurance rates are calculated based on risk, and the facts say that married couples are a lower risk than single people. Typically speaking, married people are more responsible, meaning they don't drive recklessly, they follow the speed limits, and are much less likely to need to file a claim than single drivers. With less risk, comes lower premiums. When you're married, you have to add your spouse to your insurance because he or she may be driving your vehicle. When the two of you join policies, you will save even more money because of a multi-car discount. Thank your insurance agent when you get back from the honeymoon.

Should I combine insurance policies after getting married?

After you get married, you may want to combine your car insurance policies. Instead of having a separate policy, you can save money by combining your information under a single policy. Car insurance rates are based on the amount of risk that is associated with the group that you fall into. As a rule, married people are more responsible than single individuals and their insurance rates are less. In this way, multiple cars provide you with a discount from many different insurance providers. Unless you know that you have a better deal elsewhere, it usually makes sense to combine your policy. 

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