Car Insurance - DUI Damage Mitigation

DUI car insurance can be very expensive because insurance companies view you as a risk. In addition to the fines, the suspension of your license, court costs and even jail time, you will be required to pay expensive insurance rates. Some insurance companies may even drop you as a policy holder because of the DUI arrest. Trying to get back on your feet after your DUI is something that you should take very seriously. Getting your license back will help you live a normal life by getting to work, and being able to drive yourself around. You can also work towards lowering the damage that the DUI has done to your insurance.

Become A More Responsible Driver

The best way to help lower your insurance costs, and not be labeled as a "risk", is to become a better driver. The longer you go without any type of traffic infraction, even a simple parking ticket, will help you lower your insurance costs. The one thing that insurance companies look at is your driving record. The cleaner it is, the better your chances of lowering your costs.

One of the mandates after being arrested for driving under the influence is to attend a defensive driving course to get your license back. Attending this class will help you not only get your license back quicker, but also show your desire to drive safely. Insurance companies will see this on your driving record and help you on your premiums.

Seek DUI Specific Insurance Carriers

If you do find yourself in a bad situation with your insurance carrier, then seek out DUI car insurance from a company that specializes in insuring DUI offenders. Most of the time, you will be able to get lower rates.

Keep SR22 Current

After your DUI charge, you are required to have an SR22 insurance policy added to your current policy. This is the part that does increase the cost of your insurance. No matter what the cost is, it is important to keep this policy current. Once you let it lapse, especially for nonpayment, it is very hard to get back. It may require a year wait, or you might just be dropped altogether. As you continue to pay the premiums associated with this, you are building trust between you and the issuer.

Perseverance In Lowering DUI Car Insurance

One of the hardest things to do is get your car insurance back to an affordable level after a DUI charge. While you can use some of these tips to help you lower the cost, you will have to wait it out. Usually after six months, to a year in some cases, your insurance will be lowered again. However, it might take several years for it to be back to where it was. Keep paying your premiums, keep your driving record clean, and drive in safe vehicles and you will see that your car insurance will be manageable again.

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