Buying Disability Insurance Online? 3 Avoidable Mistakes

Disability insurance is an important purchase and everyone should become informed shoppers when it comes to insurance. Avoid the 3 most common mistakes consumer's make when shopping online. Before you commit to a disability insurance policy online, make sure you really look at what you need. Anticipate major changes throughout your life. Read and evaluate any policy that looks good to you. Research any company you are interested in to become an informed consumer.
1. Not shopping around

The most common mistake is not shopping around for a disability insurance. There are several sites that will give you quotes from several companies. Make sure you check out more than one. Buying disability insurance online can save you a lot of money and headaches.

Research the policy holder. Visit the company web-site and check to make sure the site looks professional and secure. Make sure they have current contact information and check with the Better Business Bureau.
2. Comparing rates and policy fine print

Make sure you look at what the policy covers. There are many variables when purchasing disability insurance online, each company has different options and features. Do a little home work and make sure you are getting what you pay for. An important option to look at is  the process to file a claim and what the restrictions are. If you don't understand insurance lingo, call your agent. There should be one listed on your policy quote that can help you decipher your policy features.
3. Not buying enough or too much

If you can afford it, don't settle for less than you need. Make sure you have the best coverage for your monthly premium. Read the policy and be sure it accurately portrays your lifestyle.  Many companies will add features that look good on paper, but are not really worth the cost. Think about what you need. Read the quotes and know what you are buying.

Purchasing disability insurance online is a good option. Just remember, insurance policies are life changing decisions in emergencies so choose wisely. Make sure you know what you are paying for. Disabling illness or injury can happen in a second. Protect yourself and your family from financial hardships.

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