Business Property Insurance

The cost of business property insurance is a financial challenge every business must face. However, this problem can be overcome if you administer efficient strategies that will help lower the expenditure.

Shop and Pick the Best Coverage and Quote

Insurance providers don't have the same policy prices. The cost of insurance plans also vary according to coverages. Begin to shop for insurers using yellow pages, consumer guides, references from other business owners, agents or the Internet. Gather and compare each plan and its corresponding quote. Things that you need to consider in picking a good deal are:

  • prices and coverages
  • company's financial stability and reputation
  • customer service when filing a claim

A reputable provider coupled with a sensible policy at a practical price is excellent and ideal for the business.

Increase Your Deductible

Raising your deductible lowers the policy premium cost. Determine how much your company can afford for a business property insurance deductible. If the insurer suggests you pay a deductible worth $600, you can increase it up to a hundred percent if your company's income has the capability to cover the amount. The higher the deductible, the more money you save on the monthly premiums.

Eliminate Unnecessary Coverages

A basic insurance policy does not cover all forms of accidents or catastrophes. Natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods and windstorms are just some of the many perils that need separate coverages. Every coverage added in the policy has a corresponding price. To prevent purchasing additional insurance goods, carefully evaluate the risks and needs of your business. What are the most common calamities your business is exposed to? If your company is not located in an earthquake-prone area, do not buy a coverage for it. Purchasing unnecessary insurance products is not only impractical, but hurts your business financially.

Purchase Business Owner's Policy (BOP)

If your firm belongs to the small to medium-sized business class, you can get a BOP to save money. BOP is a single policy that combines the business property insurance and liability insurance. It is designed to lower the policy rates, making it affordable to many businesses. It offers the basic coverages at a much lower cost than when you purchase the two insurances separately.

Install Preventive and Security Equipment

Insurance providers offer discounts for all safety measures administered by a business. The installation of security gadgets and other equipment such as smoke detectors, fire alarms and sprinklers, storm shutters, and security cameras lowers the premium cost of a policy. Conducting hazard awareness trainings like fire or earthquake drills to employees is also a way to cut the price.


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