Business Insurance Quotes For Comparison

To ensure your business insurance quote is fair, there are several different angles you need to look at it from. When you own a business it’s important that you not only protect yourself but your employees as well. There are several ways to get the cheapest insurance quotes possible for your business.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation insurance cost can really hurt a business. But as long as you take the time to see what’s out there you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it can be. Even though workers comp rates vary from state to state, the basic calculation is generally the same. The cost has a lot to do with the severity of the injury and the frequency in which workers comp claims are made.

Obviously your insurance costs will vary with the type of business a roofer is more prone to accidents than an office clerk. Your rates may go down if you offer your workers health insurance. The base rate for workers comp insurance generally is translated to a dollar amount. This dollar amount is multiplied by 1% of one hundred dollars of the overall payroll for the employee.


A general liability insurance quote is an absolute necessity. So many different small incidents can turn into huge law suits. Liability with protect your business in case it gets sued. There are certain things to keep in mind whenever you are looking for general liability insurance. One is the type of business you have, if you are for example a company that deals with a lot of heavy machinery, you will want to have more insurance than a company that deals with linens. Look at your states tendency of rewarding high damage amounts to plaintiffs. If your state tends to favor in the plaintiffs then you should definitely consider getting more general liability insurance.

As the insurer, you are obligated to pay all of the legal costs of the business in a covered liability lawsuit. These claims include personal injury, property damage, advertising injury or body injury. The insurance will cover general damages as well as compensatory. Because they are considered punishment for acts that were intentional, punitive damages are not covered under general liability.

All general liability insurance policies will state a maximum amount that you will have to pay throughout the policy. Also, the maximum amount you will have to pay for each occurrence will be noted as well.

Business Insurance Quote

Comparing business insurances quotes is easy to do. There are several different providers willing to talk to you about what type of insurance is best for you. Net quote is a website that can provide you with a list of different providers to better help you to compare. They also have quotes for all different types of insurances you will need for your business.

Regardless of the amount of insurance you may need there is a provider for you. Take your time and do your homework. Your insurance policy should be the last thing you have to worry about when running a business.


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