Bundling your Insurance with one Company

Certainly, it's safe to say that we've seen better days. The debate over whether or not the economy is mired in an actual recession persists among the so-called experts. But one thing seems to be beyond question: the cost of living continues to rise and wages are not keeping pace. As such, we're all trying to find ways to cut corners and decrease the amount of our monthly expenses during this time of belt-tightening. Oddly enough, one of the best ways to do this may be to bundle up your insurance coverages under one provider.

Recent studies have shown that more than 70 percent of property owners have bundled their homeowner's insurance policy with an automobile policy. The occasion to keep everything "in one place" is an advantage to both insurer and customer, and can generally save a significant amount of money in the long run. Customers are usually more disposed to establishing a long-term relationship with the insurance provider that issues more than one of their major protection plans, and it also makes it easier and more convenient to manage or add on any extra policies that may be needed in the future, such as auto insurance for their teenage children. The insurer, benefiting from both the additional business and its lengthy nature, rewards the customer with lower bundled premium rates and other advantages.

It therefore would seem to make sense to use one company for all of your insurance needs. In most cases, you can obtain a substantial discount, for example, when you add an additional car or motorcycle to your regular coverage. Statistics have also shown that customers are usually more satisfied when bundling insurance, and they renew their policies at a rate higher than those that utilize separate companies for their insurance needs.

You might compare it to the growing trend of combining cable, internet and phone service. Perhaps you've shopped around to find the lowest prices available for these services. In doing so you probably also discovered that combining all three of them using one provider does indeed lower their overall rate (and it's easier to pay one bill rather than three). The same holds true for insurance policies. While different companies may invariably offer different rates, checking to ascertain the rates for a homeowner's policy in combination with an auto insurance policy during your search may reveal savings not realized any other way. Furthermore, by going with just one company, you'll be much more acquainted with their rules and operations. And, as stated earlier, forming a relationship over time can only enhance your comfort and satisfaction that the company you chose cares about you and your needs.

Shop a number of different insurance companies to determine who offers the best "package" available. Make an appointment to visit them and ask questions about incorporating a homeowner's policy with an automobile policy as well as any other coverage that you and your family may need, such as life or health. You may be pleasantly surprised by with the savings and benefits of bundling your insurance together.

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