Building a Relationship with Your Medical Financing Company

Building a relationship with a medical financing company requires the same basic tactics as building a relationship with any lender: paying bills on time. If you finance any of your medical charges, either through the doctor or through a third party, paying bills you have agreed to will help build rapport with the lender.

When you Can't Pay Bills

There are times when you simply cannot make a payment. This is especially true of borrowers going through a medical emergency as they can be extremely costly. Instead of avoiding the problem, contact the financing company immediately. If you have a good record of payments in the past, the company will typically offer you options to keep the loan in good standing.

Why Relationships Matter

If you do not have a good relationship with the finance company, then you will be less likely to find these kind options when you are unable to make a payment. Borrowers who fail to make multiple payments or routinely ask for exceptions will find the doors for exceptions closed at some point down the line. In a time when medical bills are already creating stress for you, do not allow the added stress of missed payments and bad relationships with lenders add to the problem.

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