A Backpackers Travel Insurance Guide

Backpackers travel insurance is a type of travel insurance targeted to the specific risks you will incur in when you travel as a backpacker. First off, this means coverage for a high level of risk for an extended period of travel. Backpacking trips generally last longer than average vacations, so your policy period may range from a few weeks to a few years. During that period of time, the coverage you require depends on the style, location and activities of your trip.

Unique Risks for Backpackers

One factor that makes backpacking trips unique is they are typically low budget and may require staying in shared space or simple accommodations. Because you will be staying in locations less safe than typical hotels and resorts may be, you carry a higher risk to accident and injury. Beyond the types of place you are staying, you will likely be encountering or traveling with other people you do not know and staying in common spaces. Sharing space puts you at a higher risk for theft. Backpackers are often adventure seekers and look for physical activity which may also require specific coverage. These factors and many others make backpacking different than an average vacation. Be sure to address these unique risks in your policy.

Lines of Coverage Offered

Backpackers travel insurance takes these risks into account and offers lines of coverage for each. A few common lines of coverage include:

  • luggage and protection coverage in the event your belongings are damaged, lost or stolen
  • money insurance in case your travelers' checks or cash is stolen
  • travel delay insurance in case you are required to make accommodations or new travel arrangements due to flight, train or other delay
  • emergency medical coverage should you need medical attention
  • personal liability in the case you inadvertently harm another individual or property
  • cancellation reimbursement should you need to change your itinerary due to illness or other unforeseen factors
Tailor Your Backpackers Travel Insurance to Your Needs

The great advantage of backpackers insurance is you can elect specific coverage you will need in your travels. If you are going skiing, scuba diving or hiking, you may want to consider sports coverage as you will be at a higher risk during these activities. You should consult with your insurance provider regarding the many lines of coverage before embarking on any vacation. Your advisor may locate risks you were previously unaware of. Be up front about the type of trip you will be taking so you can locate an appropriate policy. There are many inexpensive options that will keep you confident and relaxed on your backpacking excursion.


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