Avian Pet Insurance: Evaluating Your Bird's Needs

Avian pet insurance may not be as popular as canine and feline pet plans, however, the demand for this service has increased. Many pet lovers have discovered the needs for specialized bird care and the clamor for avian vets grows. Most pet insurers are already offering pet insurance for your avian friend.

Why Get Avian Insurance?

Getting your bird pet insurance is a clever decision. It's a practical means to help you cover medical expenses when diseases or accidents strike them. Just like the popular pets, birds are not immune to sickness. Birds have common medical problems like respiratory illnesses and feather picking and are usually prone to flight accidents. Problems such as these need immediate clinical care and attention and could cost you thousands of bucks without insurance.

Benefits of Avian Insurance

Getting your feathered friend an avian pet insurance offers a lot of advantages and benefits.

  • Health Care Coverage - Most insurers cover expenses of surgeries, accidents and illnesses medication. Other minor costs for health-related treatments such as laboratory fees, prescriptions, diagnostic tests and hospitalization are also included.
  • Routine Care Coverage - Depending on the policy you applied, expenses of periodical visits to the vet for your bird's regular check-ups are covered. This could include dental cleaning, vaccinations and any other health-related concerns that require routinary examinations.



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