Average Cost of Health Insurance for Different Groups

The average cost of health insurance differs between individuals and families, the two distinct groups covered by health insurance policies. Health insurance providers will also provide distinctions according to sex, or, a difference in health insurance costs for men and women and by age. However, health insurance companies cannot provide different rates according to race or ethnic origin, it is illegal in every state and considered discriminatory.

Average Cost of Health Insurance

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research & Educational Trust, in 2009 the average cost of health insurance for an individual participating in an employer-sponsored group health insurance plan was $440 a month. That amounts to $4,824 annually.

For family coverage under an employer-sponsored plan, the amount jumped to more than $1,100 a month, or $13,375 per year. These numbers reflect the total cost of health insurance for an employer’s plan and does not account for any cost sharing between an employer and employee over the actually out-of-pocket cost.

Health Insurance Costs in General

The Kaiser researchers found that more than 40 percent of small business enrollees opted for plans that had an individual or family deductible of at least $1,000 or more. The cost of health insurance premiums overall have risen 131 percent since 1999. The rise is more than 467 percent, over the rise in consumer prices for the same 10 year period.

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