Automobile Insurance Card: The Importance Of Carrying It

Whether you keep it in your wallet or with the registration in the car, it’s important that you carry your automobile insurance card with you when you drive.

When you’ll need it

You will be required to present your insurance card in the following situations:

Accident–Having the card handy can prevent delays in filing claims and get you back on the road quicker.

Police Stop–As part of proactively making sure that motorists are ensured, police will often ask to see proof of insurance if they stop you. Failure to readily provide proof of insurance can create a lot of inconvenience because if you are not able to provide proof of your insurance, the police will likely ticket you as an uninsured motorist.  This can cause you to spend a great deal of time proving that you do have it to get the ticket removed.

Where to keep it

While most people will keep the insurance card with their registration, some people keep it in their wallets. If you share the car with your spouse, make sure either that your spouse has a copy to carry as well, or that there is at least one copy of the insurance card in the car.

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