Are Online Motorcycle Insurance Quotes Ever Wrong?

It is important to keep in mind that a motorcycle insurance online quote is usually just an estimate. There are typically two steps to getting your insurance online. The first is to get a quote estimate based on a small amount of information from you. The second step will require a much more detailed application, and this will result in a more accurate quote. Even after this step, it may be worth your while to speak with an insurance representative and negotiate your quote.

Instant Online Quotes

You can get an instant motorcycle insurance quote online from most auto and recreational vehicle insurance companies. They will often offer free auto insurance quotes online, and motorcycle insurance quotes are simply a click away from these offers. For these instant quotes, you will likely have to enter only surface information.

You will be asked about the make and model of your motorcycle, its condition, where you live and your history as a driver. The entire process should take only a few minutes. You will get a quote estimate. This estimate may be incomplete or inaccurate. However, you should be able to generally compare prices through many different companies with this instant quote. You can see which offer the most competitive motorcycle quotes, as these are often different companies than those that offer the best auto insurance. 

Detailed Insurance Applications

Once you have decided on a few companies you will seek detailed quotes from, it is time to move on to a full insurance application. For this step, you will likely need your vehicle's identification number, driver's license number and other personal information. You should be careful about handing out this information online. Only do this through a secured site, and only use a personal computer when you are entering this information. Do not submit the information to a site unless you can verify who the company is and ensure you are working with a legitimate source.

After you have provided the company with this detailed information, there will usually be a verification process. With the speed of the Internet, verification usually only takes a few minutes. The company's computer system will be checking your information for accuracy and also looking into your driving history. If you have listed other drivers on the application, their information will be verified as well. Your quote after this process will be very accurate. There will not be much difference here unless you change your deductible, limits or other requests. 

Negotiating Motorcycle Insurance

Speaking with a representative is the best way to learn about your options to alter your quote. The online forms will only have a limited number of options. For example, there may be three different options for deductible, three different options for limits and three different options for a payment schedule. When you speak with someone, though, you may find out the policy is easily customized.

You should ask questions about how the company arrived at the quote and if you will have an opportunity to lower your premium through safe driving or other initiatives. You can ask for discounts if you have completed a defensive driving class or are a good student. There are many incentives the company will not be up front about, so continue asking until you have a quote you are pleased with.

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