Are Alternative Car Insurance Options Affordable?

Alternative car insurance is growing in popularity as traditional insurer's premiums continue to grow. While there are not as many options out there as some may like, there are still a few things you can do to get affordable coverage. The most popular alternatives are cooperative and internet-only carriers.

Car Insurance Cooperatives

Cooperatives are a great way to save money. Much of this will depend on whether or not you live in an area that has a car insurance co-op. These organizations are usually limited to a geographic area so that they can keep costs down. This is a private group of citizens that basically pool their money together in an effort to limit risk from automobile accidents. There are not a lot of levels of management or unnecessary spending. They only exist to save people money on their car insurance.

Internet Insurance Companies

Companies that completely exist online are growing in popularity with drivers. These companies advertise heavily and rely solely on their website to bring in customers. They have no agents and boast low overhead. Their coverage is often cheaper than with traditional insurance companies. Just make sure that you can live with not having face-to-face contact with anyone before signing up and read everything you sign.


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