Antique Motorcycle Insurance For Your Vintage Bike

Antique motorcycle insurance covers maintained or refurbished vintage motorcycles. New or old, all bikes require insurance.

Defining "Vintage"

For your bike to be eligible for antique motorcycle insurance, it must be considered "classic" or "vintage." Generally this means it must be of a certain age; the magic number is often around 30-years-old.

Questions and Answers

Antique motorcycle insurance companies will likely ask the following questions.
  • What was the motorcycle's starting price? They want to determine the value of your bike, which will affect the cost of your premium.
  • Is your motorcycle part of a limited collection? If your bike is both vintage AND rare, this adds to its value.
  • How often do you ride your vintage motorcycle? If you limit the amount of miles put on your motorcycle, the premium will likely be lower than if you ride it a lot.
  • Has the bike been restored? If so, you will have to give its stated value and you might even have to use a restoration specialist approved by the insurance company.
Take Proper Care of Your Antique Motorcycle

For all vehicles, but particularly for vintage motorcycles, it is imperative to take good care of them. This includes regular maintenance, proper storage, and perhaps some extra care. Keeping your bike in road-ready form makes it more qualified for antique motorcycle insurance.

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