Annual Holiday Insurance: FAQ's Answered

Annual holiday insurance is insurance for the frequent vacationer and the business traveler who wants a simplified holiday insurance plan paid for just once a year. Below are answers to questions you might have about annual travel insurance.

Finding Annual Holiday Insurance

Most travel and insurance agents offer annual travel insurance. Seek out agents rated favorably by the A.M. Best rating if possible.

Annual Holiday Insurance FAQs

What’s usually covered?

Annual travel insurance can cover emergency medical treatment and theft and/or damage of property while on vacation as well as reimbursement of transportation and accommodation fees in the event of cancellation. Additional policy terms include accidental death, extended stay, and outdoors.

How can I be sure of my coverage?

Go over your insurance plan with your agent and carefully read all of the fine print before you sign the dotted line. If you can think of any scenarios that you think you’d like covered (e.g., fees for missing a flight and rescheduling), just speak up.

When is this insurance a bad choice?

Although it had the word “annual” in it, annual travel insurance may not be the right choice for travelers who always make just one trip once a year. (For example, they go on a cruise every summer.) Annual insurance is the best choice for the frequent traveler.

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