Annual Business Travel Insurance For Frequent Travelers

Annual business travel insurance can be purchased by businesses to limit the costs of frequently sending employers across the world. Unforeseen incidents are just as, if not more, likely to occur on business trips than they are on personal trips.

Why Purchase Annual Business Travel Insurance?

  • Purchasing packaged insurance covers unlimited travel throughout the year.
  • It removes the hassle of researching insurance every time that you travel.
  • Common coverage, such as lost baggage and cancelled flights, are still included.
  • Annual insurance can cover you for business equipment, such as computers and other technologies, and also for business moneys.
  • Business meetings get cancelled more regularly that personal vacations, therefore trip cancellation or interruption insurance is even more important to have.
  • Business trips can last a weekend or an extended period of time. Annual coverage is valid for a variety of trip lengths.
  • If you get sick and cannot perform your professional tasks, business insurance will provide for another colleague to be sent in your place to do the job.


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