Age Concern Travel Insurance For The Seasoned Traveler

Age concern travel insurance is designed to give travelers over the age of fifty peace of mind. An alternative to traditional travel insurance, the age concern insurance offers affordable coverage for some of the most well-seasoned travelers.

How Age Concern Insurance is like Travel Insurance

Like traditional travel insurance, age concern insurance offers the following benefits:

  • trip cancellation - If unforeseen circumstances force you to cancel or shorten your trip, you will be covered for any non-refundable transportation and accommodation expenses.
  • accident coverage - Should you fall and injure yourself or be involved in a vehicular accident, your emergency medical bills will be covered.
Sole Benefits of Age Concern Travel Insurance

Seniors love to travel, yet most travel insurance discriminates against them by imposing age limits or not insuring pre-existing medical conditions. Not having the peace of mind that age concern insurance offers can cause a senior to not enjoy his or her trip or to even not go at all.

If you won't get total peace of mind with traditional travel insurance, inquire about the benefits of age concern travel insurance:
  • total health coverage - Some travel insurance will not cover pre-existing conditions. If you are to fall ill while on your trip, age concern insurance will cover the entire cost of your emergency medical treatment.
  • insured medical equipment - Should your medical equipment-including wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, walkers, and dialysis machines-become lost, damaged, or stolen, you will be reimbursed the value.



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