Affordable Insurance Options: Price vs. Coverage

Are there affordable family health insurance plans available? There are so many families today looking for affordable healthcare. Medical costs are skyrocketing and more families are losing at least one income. With the very real possibility of losing homes, cars, businesses, and many other necessities, a lot of families are choosing to cut healthcare insurance to pay the bills.

What types of affordable family insurance is available?

Think you can't find affordable family health insurance? Do some research, find what is available. There are four basic types to consider while comparing price and coverage.

    * Health Management Organization, HMO is a health plan that covers preventative as well as emergency and long term care. HMO plans are one of the more affordable plans for the self employed and individuals. They offer various different types of coverage. They offer co-pay plans, and prescription plans.
    * Preferred Provider Organization, PPO, is basically the same as an HMO. The prices are different, there are more restrictions on whom and where you get your healthcare. Monthly premiums can be greatly reduced by changing your deductible or co-pay amounts.
    * Points of service plans, POS, are like the HMO plan but they don't require a referral to treat a condition that requires specialized care. They will also allow you to choose a doctor or facility that is not in the plan.
    * Finally there is the Fee-For-Service or indemnity policy. A fee for service plan has an annual deductable that must be met before the insurance pays. It also covers any doctor or medical facility. Not just the ones that are in your plan group.

How much will an affordable family health insurance plan cost?

A typical family of four will probably spend ten thousand dollars a year for health insurance. There are more affordable family health insurance plans available every day. Do some research on online - go to the library if you have to, but do some searching so you can get an idea of what is available. There are several well known companies offering affordable family insurance plans.

There are many government sponsored affordable healthcare plans available. These will vary greatly by state. The best place to find this information is search your states web-site. If you can't find insurance information on the web-site, search for the Division of Insurance, DOI, in your state. All the insurance information will be available.

Shop around, get no obligation rate quotes, and compare costs to benefits. Find out what optional additional coverage is available. Do they offer a prescription or dental plan? Will your policy cover eye care? These are all very important things to consider when shopping for affordable family insurance.

Don't be without affordable family healthcare!

In a matter of seconds someone in your household could have an accident that will cost an enormous amount of money.  What will your family do without affordable family healthcare? From personal experience, to re-attach a smashed finger will cost about ten thousand dollars. And, no it would not have been cheaper to just finishing cutting it off.

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