Affordable Individual Health Insurance Plans For All Ages

Everyone needs affordable health insurance for emergency purposes. It is important to be covered for many different types of injuries with insurance because health care costs can be very expensive.  For example, a five day hospital stay can cost in excess of $10,000, depending on the reason for the hospitalization. If this happens and there is no insurance coverage, you could be financially ruined.

Age makes a difference in premium cost

Affordable individual health plans are broken down into age groups. Premiums differ greatly by age. An 18-30 year old can find better premiums than a 41-65 year old. As we age, statistically, we tend to have more medical expenses.

    * A healthy 18-30 year old can get a basic affordable health insurance policy for less than $100 per month. Choosing a higher deductible and co-pay option can reduce a younger persons premium.
    * In the 31-40 year range. This may be the first time that they have to look for individual coverage. In this age group, an affordable individual health insurance plan jumps to around $200-$300 per month for a policy with good coverage.
    * The average 41-65 year old can expect to pay $300 – $600 per month. Again, choosing higher deductibles and co-pays can reduce your cost considerably.

Where to look for affordable individual health insurance

The best place to find the most affordable individual health insurance plan is by far the internet. There are several websites that will give quotes for companies that offer health insurance in your state. Fill in the information and get your quotes quickly. Compare the policies for benefits offered and premiums. The cheapest quote may not be the right fit for you and your situation.

What to look for in an affordable individual health insurance policy

As you are looking at quotes, consider what coverage you need and how much you can afford to pay. If you have a pre-existing condition, make sure the policy you purchase will cover you. If you are young, female, and haven't started your family yet, you will want maternity coverage. If you are older and have a family to provide for, make sure the policy offers a wide range of coverage.

Choose the highest deductible that you can possibly afford. The higher the deductible that you choose, the lower your premiums will be at any age. If you have a co-pay choice, choose the highest co-pay you can afford. Make sure there are no restrictions with respect to which doctor you can use for your care. If your family doctor is not in the plan, you will pay more out of pocket.

It is important to be sure you have enough coverage as you get older. Older people tend to have more health issues. During a routine doctors visit, you could find out you have high blood pressure and may be required to take medication to control it. If you don't have the right coverage, controlling your blood pressure could cost more money than you can afford.

The cost of not having affordable health coverage

A simple broken finger that requires surgery to re-attach will cost 5 or 6 thousand dollars. Add the orthopedic surgeon, an anesthesiologist, and ex-ray technician, the cost jumps a thousand dollars or so. If you have insurance, you will only pay a fraction of the cost. If you do not have insurance, you are left with a very large bill to pay.

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