Affordable Child Health Insurance That Wont Diminish Coverage

All children need affordable child health insurance. Children will always fall, need stitches, splints and so on. It is just part of childhood and growing up and learning to do things.

Every state offers affordable child health insurance.

State Children's Health Insurance Program, SCHIP, is available in every state. SCHIP was formed by the federal government in 1997 to cover children who would otherwise not have any health insurance. It was created for families that make too much money to qualify for conventional Medicaid. States have the choice to use SCHIP by itself, or combine with traditional Medicaid. Check your state to see what they offer and how to apply.

Every state offers some type of affordable child health insurance. Some states will offer different types to choose from. Every state is different, so it’s a good idea is to contact your states Department of Insurance, DOI, every state has one and it is a very good resource for locating affordable child health insurance.

The problem with most state and government child insurance programs is that they will disqualify a family who has affordable child health insurance, even though you may have a specialized health issue that is not covered under your current plan, thereby diminishing the coverage that you already have.

Affordable child health insurance should cover all checkups, shots, sport physicals, eye and dental care and any injuries that may occur.

Other Types of Affordable Child Health Insurance

If you don't qualify for your states free coverage, check to see if they have other income based coverage available. Don't just limit yourself to state run coverage. Look at other companies that offer affordable child health insurance. With medical care costs rising so much today, having health insurance is a necessity and not a luxury.

There are a number of insurance companies that offer affordable child health insurance. You need to read all policy information to be sure that if you already have an insurance plan, the one you are applying for won't diminish coverage you currently have. In most states, if you qualify for the state free program, you cannot hold another policy on the child or children, and it is perhaps unnecessary that you do anyway.

Every year at the beginning of school, most schools offer discounted healthcare policies. These are worth looking into if you have no other affordable child health insurance available. They offer several versions. Usually the least expensive one will only cover your child during normal school activities and only for the school year. There are other options that include twenty four hour, three hundred sixty five days a year. These options cost more than the school only policy, but are still less expensive than other private policies as it works very much like group health insurance. Regardless of where you end up getting the affordable child health insurance from, you absolutely must have it. Even the minimal policies are better than none at all.

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