Accidental Death Life Insurance Policies

Accidental death life insurance protects your loved ones from financial risk in the event of an unforeseen accident that takes your life. This insurance can be especially important if you have young, dependent children or are the primary breadwinner for your household.

Coverage Provided

Accidental death coverage provides an additional benefit in addition to your standard life insurance. If you die because of an accident, this insurance pays out two to three times the amount your beneficiaries would have received had you died of natural causes. The insurance is designed to take into account that an early death robs your loved ones of your potential earnings at a time in your life when there is more financial risk.

Coverage may also be provided for accidents which do not result in death but are nonetheless catastrophic, such as loss of limb, loss of sight or hearing, or paralysis.


There are exclusions to this coverage. Be sure to carefully read your policy to understand what is excluded. Typical exclusions include death as a result of war, suicide and other self inflicted injuries, or death resulting from a violation of the law.

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