Accident With No Insurance? Immediate Measures to Take

While most states require motorists to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance, there are still some that fall through the cracks. What happens to a person involved in an accident with no insurance? These answers can help guide through the process.

Steps for Accidents with No Insurance

The uninsured person will most likely be given a citation for no insurance if it is required, or potentially have their car impounded if the state law mandates it.

While car accidents are not planned, it is necessary to be prepared for them. However, most people without insurance don’t have it because they can’t afford it. That doesn’t make the process any easier as they most likely cannot cover the cost of the accident.  Even if the person who is not at fault sues, they may still be responsible for some of their costs related to the accident if the uninsured motorists cannot compensate the costs.

An insured driver should review their own policy to be sure it provides coverage for uninsured drivers. Some states even require it. This provides the insured person with some means to cover damages.

It is also recommended to have the uninsured person contact the insurance company in the event the circumstances go south. If the insured driver does not use the insurance company as a back up, they may risk having the uninsured driver skipping out on a payment. This way the insured driver is compensated regardless, and the insurance company has a better chance of going after the delinquent payment.

The Odds of Being Uninsured

One is seven people will be involved in an accident where there is no insurance. Review the vehicle’s policy to be certain there is coverage, and that it will provide if others do not have insurance.
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