Accident Medical Insurance: Guidelines For The High Risk

Accident medical insurance is a supplemental medical insurance that covers injuries to individuals and groups.

Insurance for High Risk Groups

Accidental medical insurance can be used to cover accidental injury or death during group activities. An event organizer is wise to look into this type of policy to safeguard those participating.

For many types of gatherings, the timing of the coverage must be short term, meaning that coverage can be purchased for one day to one year.  A weekend long festival can obtain coverage for accidents like tripping, falls, or other unfortunate incidents that may occur.

Most groups or small businesses are qualified for accident medical insurance.  The premiums and benefits will differ based on the type of group.  It is important to research this type of insurance prior to the event, as not all insurance companies carry this type of policy.  Accident medical insurance will fill in the gaps not covered by general liability insurances.

The group can typically qualify for the insurance within one day. The plan differs from regular health insurance as it covers an incident that occurred within a given time frame or specific activity.  This plan will sometimes cover things that an individual’s health plan did not.  Group accident medical insurance is also helpful in a situation where the injured may not have insurance, and can assist is preventing a lawsuit.

Individual Accident Medical Insurance

An individual may purchase individual accidental medical insurance for trips and other high risk activity.  Skiing or climbing trips, personal sporting events, as well as other types of riskier activities are covered.  If a person has a high deductible on their medical insurance, this policy can cover any additional medical expenses for a covered accident that include ambulance service, emergency room and hospital stays, surgery, medications, and many additional services.

Like a regular health insurance policy, the accident medical insurance will not cover the following: treatments that are not medically necessary or not prescribed, treatments that are covered by Workman’s Compensation, suicide, loss from being under the influence, and any cosmetic treatments.  Other exclusions can occur and it is best to review those with the insurance agent.

Whether the policy is for a group event or an individual, it is crucial to research the fine print prior to settling on a policy.  Not all policies are the same, and should be tailored for each different situation.

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