Accident life insurance can be purchased through certain longstanding and highly reputable insurance companies. Although not everyone will want to buy this insurance, companies who have employees that travel frequently and individuals who desire maximum protection can take advantage of the benefits this insurance brings. 

Benefits for Companies with Employees that Travel

Employees who need to travel frequently on company business are often exposed to varying degrees of risk. They could be in a plane, car, taxi, boat or other conveyance accident that either results in the necessity for medical treatment or death. Insurers who provide accident life insurance also may offer options including full occupational coverage, war-risk coverage, business and pleasure coverage as well as coverage for those with aviation careers.

Having this coverage will ensure that your company can cover the costs in the event of medical treatment or the death of a traveling employee.

Benefits to Individual Holders of Accident Life Insurance

If you obtain both types of coverage from the same insurer, you’re likely to obtain more favorable rates than if you secure your policies from separate companies. If you change employers, make sure to opt in for the accidental death optional insurance if it’s available along with your employer-paid life insurance (if offered).

With accident life insurance, you’ll receive a set amount per day while you’re hospitalized for an accident, a set amount per month while you remain on disability, or a set amount (like $50,000) to your beneficiary if the accident proves fatal. Coverage can be purchased for yourself and/or your spouse or domestic partner.

Life insurance, in combination with accident life insurance, provides maximum protection. Usually, accident insurance is reasonably priced, especially when offered through your employer. Persons who are covered through accident and life insurance have the security of knowing that should something happen to them in an accident they’ll have benefits above health expenses, and if they die, there’s an added benefit paid to the designated beneficiary.

Accidental death insurance may have benefits of up to $250,000. Some companies, such as Globe Life, offer guaranteed accidental death insurance, with coverage available to anyone aged 18 to 69, no medical exams, no long forms to complete, and affordable premiums. According to a statistic from the National Safety Council (2007), someone dies as a result of an accident every five minutes. Combine the benefits of accident life with life insurance, and you can be assured that your beneficiaries will be taken care of as well as the payment for any necessary expenses in the event of your death.

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