Accident and Sickness Insurance: Maneuvering the Rising Costs

Accident and sickness insurance is something that many employers offer. You can also purchase this individually if your employer doesn’t offer it.  But how can you afford the costs of additional insurance, and will you ever use it?

Out of Work

If you are sick and out of work, having accident and sickness insurance can help cover the expenses that your disability insurance does not cover.  Most of the time the supplemental insurance costs are nominal compared to the benefit you receive.


If you have an accident and find yourself in the hospital, accident insurance can help to cover any gaps that your health insurance may not cover.  Aside from paying normal expenses, being in the hospital can add additional unexpected costs.  Accident and sickness insurance generally has a low monthly premium and monthly installments.  The cost of the insurance brings peace of mind and is well worth the small expense.
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