Accessing Your Previous Years' Federal Income Tax Information

If a person needs to access federal income tax information from a previous year, there are a couple of things they can do. The retrieval method will depend on the type of program they used to file their returns.

  • For those who used a tax program such as Turbo Tax or Tax Cut to prepare their taxes, federal income tax refund information can be found with the program. Each person should have account information they can use on the website if they no longer have the program installed on their computer. Contacting customer service is always an option for those who are having issues and do not know how to proceed.
  • For anyone who used a professional preparer, they can go back to that preparer and request copies of the 2008 federal income tax information, as this information is kept on file for several years. 

It is important to always keep a copy of tax returns and other tax information for at least three years, in case the IRS decides to audit the return. When taxes are filed, make sure to keep a paper copy of the return for record purposes, somewhere safe and easy to locate in the event they are needed for any reason. In addition to having the information for audit purposes, it's an easy way to prove income for credit and loan purposes.

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