A Guide to Health Insurance Assistance Programs

There is health insurance assistance available for those who need it. Most notably is the State Health Insurance Assistance Program, SHIP, is provided by the US federal government to recipients of Medicare. The SHIP program basically provides funding for states to counsel Medicare recipients locally. In addition to funding counseling for Medicare needs the program also sponsors counseling for Medicaid, prescription drug plans, long-term care insurance and even claims or billing problems.

Search Online

There are several online services for assisting with purchasing health insurance as well. These services will research your needs and return results of insurance benefits that will most closely meet your needs. While such search services may not be official assistance programs they can be very helpful in finding the right private insurance. There are also online resources for reviewing Medicare and Medicaid information.

State Programs

Many states have their own insurance programs. For example, the state of Oregon has the Family Health Insurance Assistance Program (FHIAP). This program helps Oregon residents pay premiums for excellent care and benefits from private health insurance companies. FHIAP helps by paying 50% to 90% of the premium. To qualify for the program there is a residency requirement, an income level requirement and an insurance level requirement. Work insurance can be subsidized. But most of those utilizing FHIAP are uninsured.

You can contact your state local offices to find assistance with health insurance. Also, many schools and local municipalities have information about the various services.


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