6 Secrets of Group Accident Insurance

Having group accident insurance is a smart idea for any event you are holding. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking at group accident coverage.

Secret #1 - Youth Groups

Many people assume that group accident insurance is only necessary for school trips or sporting events. But there are several other instances when group accident insurance is a smart idea. Even a church youth group can benefit from this type of coverage. Kids like to roughhouse, it’s not uncommon for minor injuries to occur on group outings. Many policies will cover dental as well as medical expenses. A youth group is able to get the insurance for as long as three years, so it doesn’t have to cover just one event.

Secret #2 - Daycare Centers

A reputable daycare center will offer group accident insurance coverage. Most of the time these policies will cover all supervised activities, travel to these activities, and will provide coverage for both the children and staff. These group plans are available to most types of daycare facilities, including preschools, church day schools, child development programs, and summer schools.

Secret #3 - Length of Coverage

Most people assume that group accident insurance is only good for the duration of any specific event. But accident coverage is actually available for almost any duration of time. You can insure just one event, or you can ensure a group of people for several weeks, or even years. In fact, insuring a group such as a volunteer troupe, may cost you much less if you insure the group for a one year period. This will also cover you regardless of what the volunteers do.

Secret #4 - Travel

If you are traveling with a group of people, even a small group as few as four, you would benefit from looking in to group accident travel coverage. While many personal insurance plans will cover medical expenses when outside your area, not all of them do. Some personal insurance coverage requires you be within a coverage area. Having the group accident insurance can help safeguard you from such limitations. It also should bring peace of mind to those traveling with you.

Secret #5 - Rates

The rates for group accident insurance policy will vary greatly depending on the group or event you are covering. A youth sporting event like football will be more expensive to cover than a group of volunteers for Meals On Wheels. The length of time you elect coverage for will also affect the rates.

Secret #6 - Coverage Limits

Some policies will cover dental expenses and some won’t. Some policies will cover travel and others won’t. It’s important that you understand all of the coverage limitations and compare that with the needs of your group before selecting a carrier for your group insurance. You may pay a higher premium for a policy with fewer limitations, but it may be a good idea depending on what your group does.

Having group accident insurance will make everyone in the group feel safer knowing you are all covered wherever your travels take you.
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