5 Precautions In Choosing Cheap Car Insurance


The trick to purchasing cheap auto insurance is to maintain the protection you need in case you’re involved in an accident or other misfortune. Cheap auto insurance may sound great, but it can be risky if your coverage is affected, or the auto insurance company has poor customer service. When deciding between cheap auto insurance carriers, be aware of the following guidelines.

Customer Service Is a Top Priority

Some auto insurance companies offering the cheapest auto insurance will not be respondent if you ever need to submit a claim. In this way, you could be better off selecting a costlier insurer and requesting discounts rather than selecting a company offering cheap auto insurance with poor response time. Employees at top-rated auto insurance companies are reliable, honest, dependable, knowledgeable, and willing to help answer any question you may have.

Find a Reputable Insurer

It is not impossible to find a reliable auto insurer offering the cheapest auto insurance; however, it may take a little time and effort to find such a company. You can research company ratings and reviews at your state’s Department of Insurance website, or at the Better Business Bureau online. If you ever need to submit a claim, you’ll be glad to have a responsive, financially-stable insurer who submits claim payments without difficulty.

Beware of Scams

Unfortunately, some companies offering cheap auto insurance quotes are scams designed to take people’s hard-earned money. Car insurance scams affect thousands of innocent people every year. Some of these “insurers” offering cheap auto insurance quotes simply want to get your personal information and/or an upfront payment, after which, you never hear from them again. Here are three ways to identify a car insurance scam.

  • Do not trust a company who asks you to pre-pay your cheap auto insurance policy with cash or a wiring service.

  • Never reveal personal information until you have confirmed that the company is legit.

  • Check with your state to determine if the company has a license to insure in your state. If they do not, then any insurance you purchase from them will not protect you.

They Don’t Skimp on Coverage

Cheap auto insurance companies offering low-rate policies usually grab our attention, because most of us want to find the cheapest car insurance premium possible. If you carefully read your cheap auto insurance policy, though, you may find that low-rate insurers sometimes eliminate or reduce important coverage options that help keep you safe.

For example, some cheap auto insurers eliminate protection like uninsured driver coverage, which sticks you with the bill if an uninsured driver causes an accident with you. Others limit personal property/item coverage if your car is ever broken into or stolen.

Go Beyond the Minimum

On a similar note, make sure you purchase more than the minimum car insurance policy required by your state. Though auto insurers must sell you the minimum amount of state-mandated coverage, it is smart to purchase additional coverage so that you are protected in more situations.


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