5 Options to Speed Up Health Claim Processing

Filing a claim with your health insurance can take much longer than necessary if not done correctly. This can mean you will be paying out-of-pocket while waiting for the insurance reimbursement. If you cannot afford to pay the entire bill before the insurance reimburses you, your medical bills may become delinquent, damaging your credit. Speeding up the process, though, is possible if you put forth extra effort. 

#1 File a Medical Status Update

Before you see your doctor, you may be able to alert your insurer you will be filing a claim soon. Some insurers call this a medical status update. This is particularly useful if you are using COBRA extension coverage. Because the COBRA organization is dealing with so many claims at once, alerting them ahead of time will make the process easier. 

#2 Take Advantage of Online Options

Your insurance company will typically have options for you to check your claim status online. You can check to assure your doctor has filed the claim on time. If not, you can contact your doctor directly to understand why. Instead of calling and waiting for an insurance representative to check this information, you can do it yourself by simply knowing your user name and password to the site. Once the claim has been filed, you can continually check the status to know if there is any delay.

#3 Follow Through

This tip is really not a secret, but it is something consumers often ignore. If you want a claim to be processed, then you need to keep following through with your insurer until it is. Once you get through to a representative, ask that representative for his or her name and direct number. While it is important to be kind, letting the representative know the or she will be personally responsible for making sure your claim goes through can help speed the process along. Call the person back if the claim is delayed.

#4 Save Copies of All Records

Many claims can be delayed because your insurance company needs to contact your doctor in order to get forms from your visit. If you have these forms on hand, the insurance company can skip this step. When you check out at your doctor, ask for all copies of forms being sent to the insurer. It will only take a few minutes to get these forms. You will also find these useful if your insurer denies your claim or if you need to file for worker's compensation.

#5 Call Early in the Morning

If you need to call your insurance company, do so right when the company opens. You will be able to avoid wait time by getting on the phone before other users attempt to make the call. The worst time to call is during lunch hours or immediately following work. During these hours, a high amount of individuals will be calling to check the status of their claims. Call early, have your information ready, and be prepared to write information down as you go.



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