5 Easy Steps To Home Insurance Claims

Successful home insurance claims depend on proper documentation. The more evidence that you have to back up your claim, the more likely you are to be reimbursed for your losses. No matter your policy, the steps to take in order to file a thorough claim are the same.

Step 1- Determine the Problem

If a person suffers physical injuries, get medical help immediately. Keep all of your medical records, including prescriptions. If the damage is to the property, call your insurance company immediately. Make sure that you inform the company of everything that you want to file a claim on. Your agent will inform you of the specific steps that you need to take under your particular insurance policy. If there is theft, contact the police first.

Step 2- Do You Have to Leave?

If the damage is catastrophic, take care to secure your home before leaving. Lock all of your doors, close your windows, and secure your property before you leave.

Step 3- Assess Your Property

Do whatever you can, such as take pictures, write notes, and shoot videos, in order to document the damages. This will serve as concrete proof to back up your claim. Check each problem area in order to determine what is damaged or missing. If you have kept a record of your belongings, check the list. Write everything down.

Step 4- Do Preventative Work

If you can do anything small in order to prevent future damage, do it. The repairs that you make do not have to be permanent and you will be reimbursed for the receipts that you save on reasonable purchases.

Step 5 - Stay On Top of Things

If your insurance company is not showing you proper attention on your home insurance claim, file a complaint with your state insurance commissioner. Wait for the adjuster to come to your home and assess your damages. Be home when the adjuster gets there.

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