4 Tips for Finding Treatment Without Health Insurance

If you are without health insurance for some reason, your options for care are greatly decreased. The costs associated with medical care continue to go through the roof. You may be stuck between insurance policies for one reason or another, but it does not mean that you need to go without necessary medical care. So how can you find treatment without health insurance? Keep these tips in mind if you need medical care.

1. Health Clinics

There are health clinics all over that can provide some limited medical services for you. Many of them give preventive care as well as vaccinations. Some health clinics offer doctor visits, medicine, and other services for you at a greatly discounted rate. It is provided by the government and can be beneficial if you find yourself in hard times.

2. Quick Service Clinics

There are a number of different chains out there that are designed to provide fast medical service at a discounted rate. A common medical provider that is featured in many Wal-Mart stores is Redi-Clinic. They offer a low, fixed fee for any doctor visit. The fee is still reasonable even if you don't have insurance. These places are designed to get you in and out quickly. They do a lot of volume, so they can pass the savings on to you as a result.

3. Urgent Care Clinics

Urgent care facilities are a great alternative to using the emergency room. If something happens that requires urgent medical care, visit one of these before going to an emergency room. Obviously if you think you will die as a result of an injury or illness, you should still bite the bullet and go to the emergency room. However, if your life is not threatened, you can go to one of these facilities for a huge discount. They are designed to provide alternative care for those that do not have health care. They provide a number of services and have doctors that are every bit as competent as an emergency room does. Before you rack up an emergency room bill of several thousand dollars, try one of these first.

4. Local Doctor's Offices

Small local doctor's offices are sometimes a good place to find medical care at a cheap price. The smaller they are, the less overhead they require. Therefore, they might have a low set rate for their doctor consultations. If you need something small, this might be another alternative to take if you don't have any of the other options in your area. Before you just walk into the office, give them a call first and ask them their rate. They will have a standard rate for people without health insurance. They can tell you over the phone and prevent you from accumulating any bills that you cannot afford. If you don't like their rate, call another doctor's office. They don't all charge the same thing, so you might find one that is reasonable.


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