4 Benefits of Roadside Assistance Insurance

Roadside assistance insurance is something that a lot of people skimp on when they buy their policies. They think that they can do without it and the premiums for the service are unnecessary. However, when you stop and think about it, there are many benefits to having roadside assistance at your disposal. Here are a few of the more popular benefits of the services that are available.

1. Flat Tires

Almost everyone has had a flat tire on their car at some point. If you haven't, you probably will have one sometime in the future. This never happens at a convenient time either. You are usually dressed nicely and you probably even have your kids in the car with you. Do you really want to get out on the side of the highway, pull out your spare tire, get the jack out and change a tire? Crawling around under your car on the side of the highway can be dangerous, besides the fact that it is unsanitary. Having roadside assistance when you have a flat is a lifesaver. Just call the number and within a few minutes, someone will be there to change your tire and get you back on the road.

2. Out of Gas

Running out of gas is a helpless feeling. At least when you have a flat tire, you know that you can change the flat on your own if you had to and get to the nearest town. However, when you run out of gas, there is no getting around it. You're stuck wherever you are until someone brings you some gas or you walk to the nearest gas station. With roadside assistance insurance, you get access to gas service. If you run out of gas, someone will bring you enough to get to a gas station. 

3. Locked Out

There is nothing more frustrating than locking your keys in your car. Most of the time, you thought you had your keys with you and it turns out they were still in the car. You might have left your purse or wallet in the car as well. You can't go anywhere or do anything until you get back in your car. If you call a locksmith, you'll probably be out of a nice sum of money for two minutes worth of work. Roadside assistance helps you get back in your car without paying an arm and a leg. 

4. Dead Battery

Not being able to start your car because of a dead battery is a very common thing for drivers. They might have left their lights on or the radio on all night and it ran the battery down. Then when they go to start the car, the battery is completely dead. With roadside assistance, someone can come jump your car and help you get it going again. This is extremely important to have especially in cold weather. You don't want to be stuck somewhere without the ability to run the heat in your car.


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