3 Questions to Ask Your Insurance Sales Agent

Whether you are looking for health, life or property and casualty insurance, a good insurance sales agent can make shopping for and buying an insurance policy much easier. In addition to checking an agent’s record with the state department of insurance, here are three questions to ask.

What companies are you appointed with?

Insurance sales agents can work with a single company (captive) or multiple companies (independent). The more insurance companies your agent is appointed with, the more options he or she can give you for the right coverage.

What is your main line of business?

Insurance agents usually offer an array of insurance types, but focus on one specific type of policy, such as long term care insurance or homeowner’s insurance. Insurance agents know the most about their main line of business and may not be as familiar with the particulars of the other types they offer.

How long have you worked in insurance?

About 85% of insurance sales agents quit within their first 18 months. Working with a newly-licensed agent increases your chances of becoming an “orphan,” with no servicing agent to contact about your policy or a claim. As an orphan policyholder, your name may go into the company’s pool of leads that even newer recruits contact to hone their sales skills by replacing your policy.


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