3 Hazards to Avoid when Filing Car Insurance Claims

Dealing with car insurance claims is not the most enjoyable experience that most people get to endure. However, it is a necessary part of life and almost everyone will have to deal with one at some point. Your auto insurance is there to help you out when bad things happen. Many people realize this, but still look at the process negatively. With this in mind, many people fall into certain hazards while filing a claim. These negative things can get you in trouble with your insurance company as well as the law. Here are a few things to avoid when filing an insurance claim.

1. Lying About What Happened

The biggest mistake you can make when filing an auto insurance claim is lying about the events that took place. Lying about the events is a good way to get dropped from your insurance company or even get thrown in jail. If you ran into something or someone, just step up and take the hit. Paying your deductible is a lot better than paying thousands of dollars in fines for lying about what took place. With modern technology, they can pretty much figure out exactly what happened with or without your story. Therefore, your story should confirm what they find at the scene of the wreck. Many intersections and roads now have cameras that take in everything. If you are caught lying about something that is on video tape, you are in big trouble.

2. Trying to Shift Blame

This goes along with lying and it is just as bad. Many people will get into an argument about whose fault a wreck was. You argue that it was the other person's fault even though you were in the wrong as well. If you did something wrong, just admit it. If you were both at fault, it's best to just let the police and the insurance company sort it out. Your insurance company and theirs may split the bill. It is better just to remain silent instead of getting in an argument with another driver.

3. Getting Work Done Without Approval

In order to make sure that your insurance company will pay for everything, you need to play by their rules. They have the money and they come up with the rules. Don't just take your car to your favorite garage without checking with your insurance company first. They might want to send an adjuster out to look at the scene of the accident before you get it repaired. Once it is determined that you need repairs, they might have a garage that they would prefer you to take it to. If this is the case, don't argue with them about where your car goes. They are paying the bill and they have the right to choose where they get the repairs done. Instead of trying to do everything your way, just listen to your claim rep and do what they advise you to do.

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