3 Employer Group Health Insurance Myths

Employer group health insurance is a benefit extended to you by an employer whereby the employer shares a portion of your health insurance costs. Today, it is the most common way Americans receive health insurance benefits. Health insurance is complicated and often misunderstood, and many myths frequently circulate the workplace and the Internet, adding to the confusion.

Myth #1: Employers are Required to Provide Group Health Insurance

Employer group health insurance coverage is not required by any law on the federal or state level. If your employer offers you the opportunity to purchase health insurance through a group program, they are extending you a benefit.

Myth #2: My Employer Pays my Health Insurance Costs

While your employer will supplement your health insurance costs in an employer group plan, you will pay a portion of that cost. Some employers contribute a larger percentage than others. Check your paycheck in detail to determine how much you are contributing.

Myth #3: When I Leave my job, I Lose my Insurance

The COBRA law will often protect you in the event you leave or lose your job. You may be entitled to a minimum of 18 months of insurance coverage through this program. When you are leaving your job, ask your employer or human resources department about the COBRA program and be sure to fill out appropriate forms.

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