3 Countries with Excellent Private Health Insurance

There are 3 countries that believe they have excellent private health insurance programs. According to a 2006 Gallup Poll, citizens of the United States, Canada and Britain describe their healthcare programs as being excellent as good.  In the United States, 52 percent of the population felt that their insurance was excellent and in Canada, the number was 53 percent. 55 percent of the population of Great Britain viewed their healthcare system as excellent or good.

United States

The United States is one of 2 countries that offer health insurance programs to their citizens using a privatized business model. Mexico is the other country.  It is a bit misleading however to suggest that the system of health care in the U.S. is solely private when you consider that 1.45 percent of earnings up to a pre-determined amount goes to fund Medicare. Medicare is a program available to seniors age 65 or older. It is a program that is based on the Canadian style health insurance program.

The majority of health insurance in the United States is provided through employer-sponsored group health insurance. This accounts for the largest delivery of health insurance and access to health care in the country. Those individuals who are unemployed or who work for an employer that does not provide health insurance can gain access by purchasing a private plan or becoming eligible for public assistance. The public assistance program for certain individuals who are at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level ($33,000 in 2009) is another public program.


Canadians participate in the National Health Care system. The system is funded with tax dollars. Canada spends, as a percentage of its gross domestic product (GDP), 10.6 percent on healthcare. In comparison, the United States spends 15.2 percent of its GDP on healthcare, with a limited public or national healthcare insurance option. Most services provided to Canadians under their system are provided through the private sector. Doctors and other medical practitioners that treat Canadian citizens are not employed by the Canadian government, they are private companies. The Canadian health system produces excellent results. The life expectancy is 80.7 years, 2 1/2 years higher than the U.S. and has an infant mortality rate that is 1 1/2 percent lower than the U.S.

England and the United Kingdom

The system in the United Kingdom, which includes England, uses a mixture of private and publicly funded health insurance programs. Through the U.K., healthcare spending is 8.2 percent of GDP which is a little less than half the GDP spending in the U.S. The National Health Service program in England uses cost controls and negotiated rates in order to hold down healthcare spending. The National Health Service program is funded by tax dollars.

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