What Is a Business Executive Summary?

A business executive summary is something that is included at the beginning of a business plan in order to summarize the basic ideas behind the business. The summary looks at the highlights of the business plan and provides information at-a-glance to potential investors or lenders. 

When a business needs to secure financing from a traditional lender, the lender will most likely want to see a business plan. The business plan will provide the lender with the information that they need in order to make a lending decision. At the beginning of the business plan, they will find the business executive summary. This gives them the basic information that they need when moving forward into the business plan.

The business executive summary typically contains a few different pieces of information. The first thing that you will need to include in a business executive summary is the name of your business. You should also include the location of your business. The next part of the business executive summary should tell what type of product you sell or what type of service you provide. Then you will go into the details of the purpose of your business and the rest of your business plan.

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