Water Saving Strategies for Small Businesses

Implementing water saving strategies could potentially help your small business save a great deal of money and help the environment. Here are a few water saving strategies for small businesses.


When you are utilizing a regular sink, there is a good chance that your employees are going to waste quite a bit of water. When they wash their hands, they are going to leave the water running and they might not fully shut off the sink when they leave. By implementing a pedal system, you will be able to cut down on this water consumption. Employees will be able to step on a pedal when they are washing their hands and the water will automatically shut off when they step off of the pedal.

Motion Sensors

You might also want to consider installing motion sensors in the bathroom. You can put this type of sensor on the sink in the bathroom so that the water will not come out unless someone is there needing to wash their hands.

Low Flush Toilets

In the bathroom, you can also save money by installing low flush toilets. This will limit the amount of water that is used every time someone flushes the toilet.

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