Water-Saving Strategies for Farms

If you operate a farm, water-saving strategies will not only help you save money in the long run but will also help you store a little extra in case of an especially dry period.

Build a Pond

If you have a small stream running through your property, you can save water by constructing a small pond. Check zoning and building laws for your county and obtain any necessary permits first. This can be a big undertaking because you may need to divert the stream while the pond is being dug. The stream itself creates an entrance and egress for water once it's complete. You can even stock your pond with fish for a bonus in addition to water saving.

Rain Barrels

Barns and stock buildings can provide a large surface area for water saving. Rain barrels can catch water every time there's a storm. If you install rain gutters, you can maximize the amount of water you catch off the roof. Depending on what the roof is constructed of and what you're using the water for, you may need a purification system. You wouldn't want to use the runoff for livestock or your garden before filtering toxins out.

Use these water-saving strategies to help save money on your farm and to store water in case of a drought or emergency situation.

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