Water Saving - The 3 Most Water-Intensive Activities

Water saving measures saves you money on your electric and water bills. Identifying the 3 most water-intensive activities will help you put a stop to wasting water and money.

1. Laundry

Washing your clothes at home is a water-intensive activity. The problem is, there's no way to avoid it, you have to do it. You can wash clothes without wasting water though, by doing full loads. Stop washing small amounts of clothes here and there. Make sure you can load the machine to the brim first, before you wash clothes.

2. Car Washes at Home

You can waste a lot of water washing your car. To prevent this, turn the water off when you're not rinsing the car off. It is a hassle to go back and forth to turn on and shut off the hose connection, but it is a water saving measure that will save you money on your water bill. Consider only turning on the hose when you're ready to rinse it at the end of washing.

3. Watering the Lawn

It's important to water the lawn to keep it growing well and looking good. You can take care of your lawn using much more water than necessary though. The easy way to do that is to turn on your sprinklers and walk away. By the time you remember that it's on, you'll have wasted water. A hose timer is a water saving device that can prevent this. You can set the hose timer to turn on and off at your specification.



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