Wait Awhile Before Buying

There are several advantages to waiting awhile before buying a newly released item. To illustrate, let's say, for example, that you purchased a Windows XP-equipped computer system two years ago. At the time, the salesperson may have told you that Windows Vista will be the featured operating system on all new computers within the next year or so. And, as it turned out, Windows Vista has become the standard operating system for most new computers today. But does that mean you have to go out and buy a brand new computer, or a new operating system? No, absolutely not.

When Windows XP first came on the scene, many computer users waited a year before they bought a new computer. Why? Because with any new operating system, there are usually bugs and kinks that need to be worked out. After about a year, Windows XP became one of the most widely-used systems around. The same holds true for Windows Vista. It, too, has seen some kinks appear in its armor, and waiting a year or so until you purchase a Vista-equipped computer might be advisable.

The point here is that on almost any given day you can read in the headlines about a new electronic gadget that's either on the market or will be introduced for the Christmas holiday season. Considering that the cost of these new gadgets is often exorbitant, and the fact that they're bound to be fraught with their own kinks, it may be worth your while to wait awhile before shelling out your hard-earned cash for them. Furthermore, it's commonplace for the price of new items (especially high-priced electronics) to drop substantially after they've been on the market for a while.

Here's a case in point: when WiFi first came out, there was a mad rush to buy this new expensive item. Unfortunately, supply did not meet demand and there was considerable outrage by consumers who stood on line at stores around the clock to purchase it. Eventually, however, supply caught up to demand and the price came down considerably, and those who purchased it for the original amount were even more incensed. Of course, they had a right to be. The company did not foresee the initial popularity of the item, and quantities were lower than anticipated. Today, you can buy WiFi equipment for half the cost of its original retail price.

Another common instance where waiting to buy applies is with DVDs. When new video releases first come out, they can be as much as $40 or $50, especially if the movie was a hit at the box office. But after some time, you can purchase that same movie for up to fifty percent less than the original offered price. Moreover, you can purchase the DVD in used but good condition for even less than that.

In today's economy, it's often more prudent to forego standing in long lines in order to buy an expensive new item today, when it can be purchased later on for a lot less. It just makes good financial sense.

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