Two Gas-Saving Tips for Hybrids

If you want to save money on gas, buying a hybrid is a smart financial move. Although hybrid cars typically cost more than their solely gasoline-powered counterparts, these vehicles of the future use an electric battery in conjunction with a gasoline engine. This results in better gas mileage for the consumer and greater savings.

Buy with Fuel-Efficiency in Mind

Not all hybrid cars are created equal. Some hybrids, such as the Toyota Prius, can run up to 50 miles per gallon of gasoline, while other hybrid cars, such as the Saturn Aura, can run for only approximately 30 miles on a single tank of gas. Keep your ultimate savings in mind when purchasing your hybrid to ensure that you buy the vehicle that offers you the greatest amount of fuel efficiency.

Take the Scenic Route

Although opting to take the highway rather than drive in downtown traffic conserves gas for a standard gasoline-powered car, the opposite is true of a hybrid vehicle. When in stop-and-go traffic or in residential areas, a hybrid car runs primarily on its electric motor--which doesn’t cost you a penny in gas. Once you decide to take your hybrid car onto the highway, however, your car’s gasoline engine kicks in to provide the vehicle with the extra power it needs to boost its speed. By driving more around town and taking routes that keep you off the highway in your hybrid car, you’re actually conserving gasoline.

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