Small Business - 4 Ways to Reduce Advertising Costs

There are many techniques that you can save money with when it comes to advertising costs for your business. Advertising is traditionally one of the most expensive components of doing business and reducing those costs can be extremely beneficial to you. Here are some ways to reduce the advertising costs for your business.

1 - Referrals

Start a referral system for your employees. Pay them a set fee for each referral that they bring in to your business. Word-of-mouth advertising works great and it is much cheaper than the alternative.

2 - Social Networking

Get involved with social networking sites to promote your business. By using sites like Facebook and Twitter, you will be able to take advantage of the social networking craze and bring in new customers to your business.

3 - Co-op

Starting a co-op can be another great way to save money on advertising costs. If you have another business that you can team up with for advertising, this can significantly reduce your costs while still getting your message out to the public.

4 - Blog

You might also want to consider starting a blog for your business. By using a blog, you will be able to provide regular information for your customers as well as develop a relationship with them.

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