Shopping for Clothes in the Off-Season

When we step out the door we all want to look our best. That means having the right clothing. However, clothing can be expensive. The price goes up when you have a family to provide for as well. Here are some reasons why buying off-season clothing will save you money.

Most people tend to think traditionally. In the summer, the begin looking for summer clothing. In the winter, they think about bundling up and dressing warmer. You get the picture. But saving money on clothing for you and the family will require that you think a bit differently. The best time to buy clothing is when there is a sale going on. During a sale, items that would normally cost you forty or fifty dollars may be discounted twenty-, thirty- or even fifty percent. It is uncharacteristic to think of summer clothing when it's chilly outside, but it can save you quite a bit of money.

Most big reduction sales occur at the end of the season. Stores need to get rid of all of their previous seasonal clothing to make room for the new trends of the upcoming season. A sale like this is the best time to stock up on items you use a lot of. T-shirts are a favorite in the summer. They come in all colors and can accessorize with anything. Buy as many t-shirts as you can in all sizes for the family when you see them at a reasonable price. And don't forget to buy a larger size for your smaller children. By next summer, they will have grown so be sure to account for this by moving up one or two sizes.

End-of-season sales usually last for a few weeks. As the sale draws to a close, the sale prices get lower. Some items like jeans that were only discounted ten- or twenty percent may be discounted forty percent by the end of the sale. So, wait until the last minute to get them (of course, you do run the risk that they'll already be gone when you return to buy them).

Where can you buy off-season clothing? Just about anywhere. One of the best places to shop is at the outlet malls. Major stores send a lot of off-season clothes there if they still need room for current-season clothing. Outlet stores routinely offer good deals, but hitting them at the end of the season will have your eyes popping. Name brand clothes at a fourth of their regular price – that's hard to beat anywhere.

Shoe stores also run specials on their seasonal stock. Sandals are not a favorite in the snow, but you can get them for next to nothing during that time of year. Just imagine that it's sunny and eighty degrees outside when you go into the shop to buy them.

Only purchase what you need to make it through the season and wait until the end of the season to outfit yourself for next year. Once you begin doing this and realize the savings, you'll be hooked.

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