Saving for Vacation? Start a Fund

If you are saving for vacation, there are a number of ways that you could potentially do so. Vacations are very expensive and you have to save a bit of money in order to have an enjoyable experience. Here are a few things to consider about saving for a vacation.

Out Of Savings

Many families finance their vacation with funds from their savings account. While this can work, it can also put a damper on your financial situation. Taking money out of your savings can make you vulnerable when it comes to other areas of your financial life. For example, if you do not have an emergency fund, the money in your savings account could come in handy if you lost your job or had an unexpected emergency. If you have used all of the money from your savings account for a nice vacation, then you will not have anything left when it comes to paying for necessary expenses. Instead of tapping your savings, you might want to think of other ways to save for a vacation.


Many people also make the mistake of borrowing money for a vacation. As a general rule, you should never go on a vacation unless you have the cash to do so. Do not put on your credit card and do not take out a travel loan because the interest is going to considerably add to the cost of your vacation expense.

Change Jar

One unique way that you could start saving for your vacation is to get a large change jar. Pick a destination for your next vacation so that you will have something to shoot for. Then, as you come up with change throughout your daily routine, drop it in the jar at the end of the day. When you do this, you will be surprised how quickly this change can add up. It might take months or years in order for you to get to the destination of your choice, but it will be paid for with money that you would have wasted on something else anyway.

Specific Account

Many people also open a specific savings account for vacation savings. Starting a vacation fund in this manner can be very beneficial. You could open a high interest savings account or put your money into a money market mutual fund. Both of these options are going to provide you with some safety so that you do not have to worry about whether you will lose the money once it is deposited. At the same time, both of these options will also provide you with some return on your investment. These investments pay regular amounts of interest on the money that you have deposited. It may not be much interest, but every little bit will help you get closer to your goal of a vacation. If you can set up an automatic transfer from your bank account into this account, it will make saving for your vacation very simple.

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